Recruitment Assistance

Recruiting new members of staff usually comes at a time when time is at a premium! Recruitment campaigns are time consuming but it’s vital that you get it right. You need to find the right person to join your business – and that takes time.

PA Angels can help you throughout the complete recruitment process:

Pre interview:

  • Job description – revising, rewriting if needed
  • Application form – designing, reworking if needed
  • Advertisement – drafting and designing
  • Media – identifying appropriate media and placing advertisements
  • CVs – sift through CVs providing you with a short-list of candidates

Interview stage:

  • Telephone interview – carry out initial telephone interviews if required
  • Design scoring criteria to ensure interviews are carried out to meet anti-discrimination legislation
  • Interview – arrange interviews, support you during the interviews, if required
  • Assessment centre – set up and design assessment activities as part of the interview process, if required (we can also attend on the day to modulate and assist with candidate selection)

Post interview:

  • Write to unsuccessful candidates
  • Write to successful candidate including all relevant documents (eg contract)

PA Angels work with you to tailor the recruitment campaign to fit your timeframe and your requirements. Each business is different and we do our best to source the candidate that is right for your’s.